Microwave Panniers

Comes as pair

As of January 1, 2021, all of the Porcelain Rocket collection will only be available through Rockgeist Bikepack USA.


Microwave Panniers are a from-scratch rethinking of the traditional bicycle pannier. Modular, ultra-secure, truly waterproof, and super light, they are equally suited to riding rough trails as they are to urban living. Approaching the design of a pannier from basic functional principles, we landed on a two-part system: a quick-access RF-welded drybag, and a rugged holster that stays securely on any rack. The stiff, HDPE back plate attaches to any rack, using laced Voilé Straps® for an upper mounting system that can't move in any direction. Five lower slots provide a multitude of options for securing the bottom of the pannier, and keeping things totally rattle-free.

*Sold as a Pair* 

Standard features include:

  • Compatible with virtually any rack, including lowrider front racks
  • Maximum 13 L per pannier / 26 L per set
  • 460g per pannier, complete / 920g per set
  • 325g holster, including mounting straps + 135g drybag
  • Modular design, with removable waterproof liners
  • Bomber Voilé Straps® main rack attachment straps, 4 strap locations for spacing options
  • Rattle-free
  • Holster fits a 12-pack of cans
  • All mounting straps are field-replaceable
  • Drain hole in bottom of holster
  • Rugged, ballistic nylon and Hypalon-reinforced holster
  • RF-welded, 210D TPU-coated ripstop nylon drybag

Order includes 2 Microwave Panniers. Each pannier includes 1x Microwave Holster, 1x Microwave Waterproof Liner, 2 x 12" Voilé Straps® upper straps with flat loops, and 2 x self-adhering Velcro® lower straps with Tri-Glides.


The Microwave pannier mounting system is probably unlike anything you've ever seen, and potentially bewildering at first. Mounting these panniers is novel, but the reward will be an incomparably secure set of panniers. Please give the MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS a careful read.

There are many options for lower mounting, using combinations of the five lower slots. The best solution for securing the bottom of the pannier will depend on your rack. Check out this GALLERY for several examples of lower mounting solutions.

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