Microwave Pannier Examples

There are many excellent solutions for securing the bottom of Microwave Panniers to your rack/bike. The 5 slots are placed with maximum flexibility in mind, so that any number of strap layouts should work well with front and rear racks. In addition to these examples, which make use of the included self-adhering Velcro® straps and Tri-Glides, you may choose to use any assortment of zip-ties, webbing straps, or additional Voilé Straps®.

For instructions how to install the upper Voilé Straps®, please see HERE.

Example 1: Using the horizontal slots to pull downward (or upward) to a horizontal rack stay

Pulling down from two "Tri-glide Chock Anchors"

Inside view of Tri-glide Chock Anchors

Inside view of the "Tri-glide Chock Anchors" set up in the horizontal slots, to pull upward or downward.

Example 2: Using vertical slots for pulling laterally, two straps in opposing tension

Start with the two straps like this, laced through the vertical slots, and through Tri-Glides, as anchors

Using the Tri-Glides as chock anchor points looks like this, on the inside

Looping the straps around a central rack stay, like this - each pulling in the opposite direction of the other - will give an ultra-secure lower mounting solution

Example 3: Using two vertical slots, to make a simple loop through pannier, and around a horizontal stay

No need for the Tri-Glide in this case - just pick two vertical slots and loop through both

Same tactic, this time on a Tubus Tara lowrider rack

Alternate view of the Tubus Tara lowrider front rack

Example 4: Combinations - Tri-glide Chock Anchor and simple loop

The strap on the left makes a simple loop through the two slots on the left, the strap on the right uses a Tri-glide Chock in the centre slot, and pulls laterally on the right-most rack stay. 

Get creative! There are countless combinations of strap arrangements that will work, and we've left it flexible so that you can figure out the most solid solution for your set-up.

Don't hesitate to trim the self-adhering Velcro straps with scissors, if needed.

BONUS EXAMPLE: Here's an example of using an M4 nut and bolt through the Voilé Straps® as an anti-theft measure, when using Microwave Panniers for commuting/city living. You can also add zip-ties in addition to the lower straps, as a further deterrent.


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