Q : Items are frequently sold out...what's up with that?
A : Our gear is built in batches, and is available on the webstore until the item sells out.  Please check back frequently, as batches are continually being built and added the store.  Keep in mind, we are a small shop of 5 employees currently.

Q : Can I pre-order a product that is sold out?
A: Unfortunately, we do not accept pre-orders for our products.  Things are only sold if they are actually in stock. Sign up for a restock notification on the product page!

Q : Do you sell/ship internationally?
A : Yes, absolutely.  As a Canadian company, we know what it's like to not have access to many things that are available to residents of the USA.  Please email us with international order questions.

Q : Can I get a wholesale account?
A : Unfortunately, no. Due to high demand, we only sell direct in North America, and through a few international distributors.  

Q : Are sponsorships available?
A : Maybe.  I am most motivated to sponsor individuals/trips that I find inspiring or innovative.  I'm not necessarily interested in how many followers you have, or your other sponsorship arrangements.  If you are an interesting person, with a trip that not-just-anyone is doing, please email. 

Q : You used to build custom bags...can I get a custom bag, pretty please?
A : No, unfortunately.  If you have custom bags from us, and would like current builds to match, we might be able to work something out.  Please email.

Q : I've got a cool idea and I want to collaborate on a project.  Wanna?
A : I'd love to hear about it.  We love collaborative projects.  Please email.

Q : My bags are pretty gnarly.  How do I clean them?
A : Warm water and mild soap.  Scrub gently.  Dish soap works well.  Air dry.  DO NOT put them in your clothes washing machine or dryer!

Q : What's the warranty on this stuff?
A : All of our gear is warrantied for workmanship and materials failure.  If you have an issue with a piece of gear you purchased from us, please email.  Zipper failure, normal wear and tear, and neglect are NOT warrantied.  We offer repair service on our gear only...please email.

Q : Can I return something I bought?
A : Yes.  If the gear is in 'as-new' condition, you are welcome to return it for a full refund.  Please email before you send it back. 

Q : Can I come by the shop for a visit?
A : Probably.  Please email.

Q : You seem to know a lot about this 'bikepacking' stuff.  How do you pack your bike?
A : Watch this old video. 

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