Whoopsies & Seconds


We are humans making stuff in a garage, occasionally we make mistakes! And occasionally we get returns that no longer look 'factory fresh' even though they still function as-new. Please enjoy discounted prices on certain items as a result.  

1. 139 Meanwhile LightBlack: handles both black.

2. 139 Meanwhile LightBlack: sewing machine oil stain.

3. 139 Meanwhile Oliveit: flawed seam, still waterproof. 

4. 52Hz ROAD size Medium: grease stain near cranks, non-drive side.

    5. Mr. Fusion LightBlack: tire rub on lower holster section.

    6. New old stock Mr. Fusion LightBlack: new condition, retired product version.

    7. New old stock Mr. Fusion XL LightBlack: new condition, retired product version.

    8. New old stock Tootsie black X-pack: new condition, retired product.

    9. New old stock Tootsie black: new condition, retired product.

    10. New old stock Tootsie Multicam: new condition, retired product.

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